Well, here it is Monday and what have I accomplished?

Feels like not much in my work arena. I feel like a Jill-of-all-trades and master-of-none.

I went out with my husband on Friday night. We had a good dinner and we talked about his counselor. He likes this guy. He said this guy asked  if labels had hurt him and if he could relabel his experiences how would he label them to explain to others what had happened to him during his life.

My hubby it would say parts of his life that have psych labels are like a dream. [That still doesn’t give it a label though]

He doesn’t want to continue with his anger management courses because he says they want to know a whole bunch [ten pages of forms] of personal stuff and want him to sign a release of information form. I guess I don’t blame him.  But I do think the course would be good for him.

He does seem to like the new counselor guy.

On Saturday I stayed over night.

On Sunday we went to church and then out to a picnic. Then I went home to my studio. Later I went back over to his place and we watched a video. Then I went back to my studio.

I am thinking I might just delete some of the posts about him. He won’t even take the anger management class because he is so worried about the release of information forms and here I am blogging about it on the Internet.

He would be horrified.