About three weeks ago I gained almost five pounds.  I still look pretty good, but I want to be careful.  That’s why I go to Weight Watchers every week. I had been a lifetime member, meaning I had met my goal.

Now I have begun to lose. I am only 2.4 pounds over my goal weight. I went out to dinner with my husband last Friday. We were kinda careful about what we ate.  If we hadn’t been on Weight Watchers we both probably would have eaten more. We ordered an appetizer and then each got a type of salad. I got a crab salad. We also both had an alcoholic drink. Alcohol does have quite a few “points” or calories.

Yesterday we talked about the “Three Rs”: Recognize, Reject and Replace.

Recognize what is a “trigger” food for you. Something that you just can’t resist.

Reject it. Don’t purchase it in the first place.

Replace it with something else so that when you get a craving you already have something at home and available to eat.