Dairy Queen cone

Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers.  I have gained 2.4 pounds. Ugh!

Well, I have been busy with lots of work projects and family from out of town had visited. I thought I had been careful about what I ate, but I did have several cans of Blue Sky Soda and some small Dairy Queens.

I used to be able to have a small cone and still lose or maintain weight, but I think they are making their small cones larger. On Monday I got myself a treat of a small cone telling myself I had maintained my weight before doing that. But when  the young woman put the small cone through the window to me, I wanted to say, “If that is a small cone I’ hated to see a large.” Hmm, I am going to have to rethink my strategy here. It seems everyone is super-sizing serving without you even asking. I think that they think that they are being nice, but in the long run they are not.

This is more than a small scoop

This is more than a small scoop

Oh yeah, another thing I am remembering is that when my mom, daughter and I ate at an outside cafe we had split our lunches in half. Then the waitress brought out a huge plate of a variety of decadent desserts. I told her we would take the chocolate cake, split it and have three scoops of ice-cream. But when she came back she had put the ice-cream in three sherbet glasses and it was certainly more than what I would call a “scoop”.

At one Weight Watcher’s meeting we found out that a Blizzard has enough points in it for your total amount for a day (or two). To find out the nutritional information for Dairy Queen treats click here.(

(Added later) Okay, I just went back to the DQ site and found their nutrition calculator. It seems that there is a “small cone” and a “child’s cone”. Next time I am ordering the child’s cone. It has less  calories and less fat.