Well everyday I have something I could post, but I have been so busy.

Last week Weight Watchers give us a challenge: Everyday eat three colors on the rainbow from a fruit or a vegetable. Huh, I started out great guns, but I don’t know that I succeeded every single day. That’s really pathetic. I get so hungry that I eat a bowl of oatmeal or a banana. Not much color there.

I bought two baggies of snap peas and I have eaten half or them. I also bought baby carrots. I  have eaten half a tomato on spinach leaves.

Last week I was a little over 2 pound over my goal. And this week I didn’t try very hard to lose. In fact one day I over ate at two meals…but I did lose at weigh-in day. Eight tenths of a pound.

I have my support group tonight. One time they talked about “emotional eating”…but they push it (emotional eating) too…so it’s kinda crazy. People donate to this women’s shelter; things like candy bars, crackers, chocolate.  I think they encourage emotional eating. Once when the leader askrd everyone who had taken antidepressants to raise her hand, almost everyone did. I didn’t. Ha, they don’t know the half of it. Another time when I told woman about some of the problems I had, she said, “That’s a psychological disorder, you know.” Yeah, I know.

Hubby had a counseling session last night, I suppose I should phone him or meet him today to see how it went.

I have some other alternative health stuff I need to post too. Hopefully I get to it soon. I am trying to run a business and need to get at other stuff.