Hi Blog friends,

Last night I had to get another blanket. The winter chill is here.

I see my last post was Sept. 16 and it was about my blood pressure. I have a hard time eating as much fruits as I should and doing my breathing exercises and going to yoga. I wanted to get my blood pressure down without medication, but I don’t it seems I do not have the self-discipline to do it. I was able to wean off all psych drugs. I guess there is a reason why they call high blood pressure the silent killer. There are no symptoms. When I decided to wean of psych drugs I was highly motivated because I didn’ tlike the side effects of the drugs or the symptoms of the diagnosis. But I have no negative symptoms with high blood pressure.

I have a med check and a physical tomorrow. I am currently taking enalapril.

It is frustrating. Because of my experience with medication I don’t want to take any, but I know I need to get this under control