Good morning, or afternoon,

I haven’t decided if I will listen to the Mindfreedom radio today because I might be out at a fun event at that time.  But I am with them at heart.

Yesterday I got a mean comment.  Hmmmm, I wonder why people get so mean.  Makes my understand better why Giana at Beyond Meds turned her comments off.  I do think the comment section of a blog is what makes blogging fun.

I just visited Beyond Meds and enjoyed a video that Oz J. made for Giana.  Here is an excerpt and a response from that to the mean commenter of last post:

I am undiagnosing myself from mental illness.

[After lines later he says]

Mentalism is todays racism.
I grow sick of hearing others call people schizo as a joke. It’s not funny now and it never was.
I grow sick of people assuming that mentally ill are more violent. This is not true now and never was.

You may see the whole video on Gianna’s site here.

2:46 p.m Well, I did listen to the Mindfreedom Radio.  On the one hand it is exciting. On the other, the struggle is something I just want to put behind me.  I am so focused on one other “normal’ things that I just don’t want to revisit that part of my life right now.  I have achieved a lot, but I am still not financially independent. I don’t want a potential employer Googling me and finding out about this aspect of my life.
Hmmm, I guess I didn’t say I would give myself five years of being stable and off-meds. How many has it been?  I think it has been 3 1/2.  Others see me as a success, even a role role model in this community.  Not for what I do for mental health, but for what I do for other causes.