Henry Emmons, MD

Here is an interesting article about a doctor who uses holistic approach to help people diagnosed with mental illness. His name is Henry Emmons, M.D. and his website is Partners in Resilience

Capturing Calm

A Minnesota psychiatrist and author is trying to shake up how people think about mental illness.

By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune

In psychiatry, “we focus almost entirely on what’s wrong,” said Emmons. “I began thinking about joy.” And about how he might help patients in the midst of life’s setbacks get it back.

“Henry takes the perspective that depression is a holistic disease,” said Lori Knutson, executive director of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing in Minneapolis, where Emmons works two days a week. “It’s not about mental illness. It’s about mental health.”

In 2006, Emmons made a splash with his first book, “The Chemistry of Joy,” a guide to overcoming depression. The book explores how diet and lifestyle affect people’s moods and offers a road map to healing through a mixture of science (“Understand Your Brain”) and spiritual beliefs (“Buddhist Wisdom, Which Type are You?”).

His second book, “The Chemistry of Calm,” debuted last month, billed as a “powerful, drug-free plan” for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Emmons is quick to say that he’s no anti-medication zealot. He does prescribe antidepressants and other medications if he thinks they’re needed