Here I am on the web, trying to find funny Youtubes to make me laugh. Well, I’m procrastinating. I still need to fill out my disability paperwork. I haven’t keep super good record, so a s lot of the questions are hard for me to answer. It’s hard for me to be organized. That is one of my biggest problems. I was surfing the web trying to find funny videos to relieve stress. Pretty soon I will have been at my job for 3 months. Last Monday I had my first “normal” day. A day that wasn’t angst with equipement not working and me not being able to find what I need.

I took my daughter out to breakfast and we talked about goals we have in our lives.  A friend phoned me and he talked about some of his problems. He is considered bipolar too and he takes medication. He wished me luck on my job, but he doesn’t seem to realize how much I had psycho-active medications. He hopes I will be able to take the stress of the job.

I need to wash all my clothes and make sure everything is ready to go for next week at work.