When I started this blog in 2008, I hooked up with other alternative bloggers. It was fun. Now it seems many of them have quit blogging. That seems like a lifetime ago.

I am still kinda running scared. And going through life incognito.

I suppose if I just go public, I could write a better blog. I just don’t want to blow my cover.

Right now I am sitting in my bed with my laptop and typing this. My husband is out of town. I did send some mother’s day gifts to my mom. They were fair trade roses and my daughter gave me a fair trade rose for mother’s day too. Trying to live my life in accordance to my values is hard. Fair trade roses assure that the workers are paid a fair wage and they aren’t exposed to too much chemicals. Going environmental was one of the ways the lightbulb for treating my body in an environmentally friendly way too would benefit me. All those pharmaceuticals were poison to me.

I know that my daughter is proud of me. I have accomplished a lot and she has been there through it. A lot of it wasn’t fair to her. I sometimes wonder if that is why she wants to be with me so much. If it is because she wants to make up for lost time when I was depressed or doped up out of my mine.

Jazz in Pieces was one of the bloggers. She has recovered and doesn’t blog about her mental illness anymore.

I wish I could write more. I see some new people have started blogs about mental health. I always feel sad when I read the people who are going the traditional “I’m going to take my medicine for this genetic illness rout.” I just spend some time this afternoon reading a couple of those. I wasn’t o comment on their blogs…Hey, don’t get suckered into that medication route. It will do more harm than good.

Anyway, I am going to sign off. Please comment if you are reading.

I need the encouragement.