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I don’t think I’ve posted much about my decision to eat vegan. I’ve done it for a few months now. I do believe I feel better.
We recently went on a holiday and I was able to find vegan food wherever I went. Sometimes it was a matter of asking for it.


I’ve weaned of a multitude of psych drugs.

Well now I’m on two drugs for high blood pressure. I didnt’ want to take the drugs, but I feared that I would have a stroke or heart attack if I didn’t do something.

I have a high stress job, but I had high blood pressure even before I started my high stress job. I flirted with quitting my job, but I do enjoy the role I play and my boss is very happy with me.

The medications I take are: Atenolol 25 mg once a day and enalapril I had been taking 20 mg a day, but now my doctor wants me to up it to 40 mg.

Well, I have been so tired lately. I thought it might be stress of my job. I used to be tired before I started the medication. I also am a little chunky in weight and I eat totally vegan.

I was vegetarin for 4 years and after I started eating no animal products I felt so much better.  But that seems to have worn off now.

I go to bed at a decent time and wake up naturally. Today I began to wonder if i was tired because of the medications I am taking for high blood pressure. Wouldn’t that be ironic! I weaned off all those psych drugs because them were making me tired and fat and now I’m back on drugs that do the same thing.

I live in a new town and this doctor doesn’t really know much about my psych history. I started seeing him before the days of electronic records.

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