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Merry Christmas!

If you have read my blog in the past or have just stumbled upon it, I want you to know that recovery IS possible. I am totally weaned off of drugs. My goal five years ago was to write an autobiography about how I was written off as disabled, almost a “throw-away.” Many, especially the professionals, thought I should be on meds for the rest of my life.

I am a successful person now.  Success is in the eye of the beholder, but I am willing to bet no one in the town I now live, would ever guess that I have a mental illness or that at one time I was basically a drooling fool. Drooling because of the meds!

As I said, I thought I would write an autobiography, but I am still to scared to do it. I feel 90 percent recovered. I head up a small non-profit agency and I am an artist. At this time I don’t make enough money. I am scared that if I went public with my story, I might need future employment. Will employers not really want me?

I will give you an example. I have been very, very busy so I wrote a generic email and blind carbon copied it to several of my friends. In the email I said that I was too busy to put up my Christmas decorations and that we didn’t have electricity for the part of the house that we wanted to put the decorations.  Well, a friend who knew me from my depression and bipolar mania days wrote back to say she was so sorry that I was feeling blue.

Blue!  I was busy, busy, busy. I’m wasn’t sad, blue or depressed.

Now this person was/is a very good friend who stuck with me through the worse. But I suspect she will always see me as mentally ill. We never see each other any more. We met in the days before Internet and we live thousands of miles apart.  I guess I haven’t told her about my long journey off the meds. She saw me at my worse. To be fair, she doesn’t know about the new me.

But the fact that I my busyness was misconstrued for the blues as why I had no decorations was revealing to how people view you once you have been labeled as mentally ill.

Henry Emmons, MD

Here is an interesting article about a doctor who uses holistic approach to help people diagnosed with mental illness. His name is Henry Emmons, M.D. and his website is Partners in Resilience

Capturing Calm

A Minnesota psychiatrist and author is trying to shake up how people think about mental illness.

By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune

In psychiatry, “we focus almost entirely on what’s wrong,” said Emmons. “I began thinking about joy.” And about how he might help patients in the midst of life’s setbacks get it back.

“Henry takes the perspective that depression is a holistic disease,” said Lori Knutson, executive director of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing in Minneapolis, where Emmons works two days a week. “It’s not about mental illness. It’s about mental health.” Read the rest of this entry »

Well, I continue to do well. The other night I went to an art show. All the work was by disabled artists.  I ended up talking to one person in paricular. Well, I reveiled some of myself to her. She think meds help people. I told her that meds had ruined my life…well, almost ruined until I weaned off of them. She said she know several people that have been helped by meds. And several people who got worse when my doctor took them off the meds.  I wanted to say that probably the people who went of didn’t wean off correctly, but I didn’t.

Hi, I haven’t been keeping up the blog partly because things are going so well for me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and/or are taking psychiatric medication and stumbled across this blog take heart, you can recover. Your life can be fun, productive, calm…whatever consider as good. You can also wean off psychiatric drugs.

I started this blog to share my experience with others. I am at a good place in my life. I still am not ready to go public and I have other projects where I need to spend time. So I will not be posting as regularly.

So I have been watching the reports on Michael Jackson and his use of propofol. How sad that he thought he needed drugs to be normal. He used proponal (a drug that is used for surgery) to sleep.

Too bad a doctor did insist he try some natural atletrantives. Like going swimming and relaxation techniques.

The media also interviewed his cook who was gushing about how he was into organic, healthy food. Too bad he didn’t follow the whole philosphy of treating your body naturally. There seems to be a disconnect in eating organic and using anesthetic propofol to fall a sleep. Read more here.

Interview with the chef here.

Today is another day.

I had trouble sleeping last night. Currently I am not keeping this blog like I would like to. I want to be adding scientific information about alternative treatments.

Last night I was still awake at 1 a.m. so I took some supplements. I have not been taking my supplements like I should. So when I was still awake I took: Melatonin and GABA. Some people called GABA “nature’s Valium”.

I used to take those supplements every night. Sometimes in the form of Sleep Essentials which is sold by Swanson’s Vitamins.

My supplement routine was prescribed to me by an M.D. who is pretty much anti-psychiatry.

I am so glad I met him. I am doing so much better now. If you are taking psych meds and want to quit. DO NOT go of COLD TURKEY. You can get very, very sick.

I went to Weight Watchers and I had lost 1.8 pounds since last week. I did try to0. When I went out of town, I brought a bag and little cooler of my own food. I counted my points for about one-half the week.

Hey, I am watching Good Morning America and they are saying get rid of all your conveniences. Get rid of the garage door opener, the remote control, the electric can opener etc.

Anyway, now I am two-tenths of a pound overweight. ( Actually 2.2 pounds overweight) I had been at goal for months and months. I go to Weight Watchers ever week even though I don’t have to. But going keeps me at goal…or catches me when I get overweight. The ladies there are really nice and hadn’t been charging me even though I was weighing in slightly over-weight for the past few weeks. Last week the charged me…$12.00. Maybe that’s what I needed.

Anyway, this week’s challenge is to eat a fruit I have never eaten previously. Well, that will be hard because I tried to eat local AND organic. I don’t there is a fruit I haven’t eaten that is local. Hmmm…maybe dandelion greens?

I will go to the chiropractor again in a few minutes for a laser treatment on my foot.

Hello, I am still here. Thought I should post something, but I have been pretty busy.  I have thoughts on quite a few things.  Like why am I so tired?  Maybe not eating right?  Maybe I have a lot of things going on, or it is stress? Maybe I am staying up later than I think and waking earlier than I think in order to accomplish my goals.

As some of you know I am living in a little studio apartment.  Everything I own is light weight so that I can move it myself if and when I decide to move.  Like I have an air mattress rather than a bed.

Anyway, when I moved out of the joint living space with my husband, I grabbed our  camping cook set for pots and pans and they are made of aluminum. I also have a little microwave. I am wondering if the aluminum cook set is bad for me. I have read and her that it possibility could cause Alzheimer’s disease. I had a friend over to my place last night and she brought her own tea. She doesn’t like microwaves and wanted me to boil water for the tea.  She wasn’t too thrilled with the aluminum pans either. She say glass or ceramic is best. She said the tea even tasted different.

I hope to research this topic more.

SUNDAY, 3 May 2009, at 8 am, members of MindFreedom will peacefully leaflet in front of Central Lutheran Church at 333 S. 12th, Minneapolis. This ELCA church is one of ‘owners’ of guardianship services overseeing Ray. (Will LSS let Ray visit with a new psychiatrist on Monday? So far, they are blocking this!)

May Day parade in Minneaplis

May Day parade in Minneapolis Photo by Sal Salerno

Then at noon, Sunday, join MindFreedom at the Green Medicine booth at the enormous MAY DAY PARADE FESTIVAL, ask for Amy. We’re in the program. This is a fun event, so we’re using humor. Prepare to do roving guerilla theater to “Screen for Normality” with Al & David, in a an easy street skit created by clown troupe of Patch Adams. We have doctor outfits for all, and hundreds of flyers about how nobody is normal… and how Ray is getting forced electroshock.

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