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I retired nurse wrote a letter to the editor to say that she thinks the side-effects of the psych-drugs should be looked at when looking at all the gun violence. She cited all the side-effects of these drugs. She added that people needed to turn to Jesus.

Now people are focusing ont he turn to Jesus aspect and not hearing what she has to see about side-effect. They say she is marginalizing mentally ill people. I wish she would have left the “turn to Jesus” out of her letter.


Yesterday my husband and I visited the tax man. We filed an extention on our taxes, so now we are doing them in October.
Two years ago I felt like I had to explain to man who prepares our taxes why I was on disability. I was on in 2010 too, but not 2011.
I told him he was one of two people in this town who knew I was on disability because I never told anyone because of the stigma involved.
He said he understands about stigma because he wife is a social worker and that with the right meds I would be okay. My husband and I just sat there. Neither one of us told him that weaning off the means is what has enabled me to have a more “productful” life. (Productful according to the Urban Dictionary means: “Fully realizing the utmost capacity of productivness. Acheiving with success one’s abilities.”  or  “When you’re so productive you start creating your own words for how much work you’re getting done.”

There’s no way in Hell I’d have the job I have now if I was on psych meds.  (Time to make a donation to MindFreedom methinks.)

Oh boy, what to do when your friends are your enemies.

Merry Christmas!

If you have read my blog in the past or have just stumbled upon it, I want you to know that recovery IS possible. I am totally weaned off of drugs. My goal five years ago was to write an autobiography about how I was written off as disabled, almost a “throw-away.” Many, especially the professionals, thought I should be on meds for the rest of my life.

I am a successful person now.  Success is in the eye of the beholder, but I am willing to bet no one in the town I now live, would ever guess that I have a mental illness or that at one time I was basically a drooling fool. Drooling because of the meds!

As I said, I thought I would write an autobiography, but I am still to scared to do it. I feel 90 percent recovered. I head up a small non-profit agency and I am an artist. At this time I don’t make enough money. I am scared that if I went public with my story, I might need future employment. Will employers not really want me?

I will give you an example. I have been very, very busy so I wrote a generic email and blind carbon copied it to several of my friends. In the email I said that I was too busy to put up my Christmas decorations and that we didn’t have electricity for the part of the house that we wanted to put the decorations.  Well, a friend who knew me from my depression and bipolar mania days wrote back to say she was so sorry that I was feeling blue.

Blue!  I was busy, busy, busy. I’m wasn’t sad, blue or depressed.

Now this person was/is a very good friend who stuck with me through the worse. But I suspect she will always see me as mentally ill. We never see each other any more. We met in the days before Internet and we live thousands of miles apart.  I guess I haven’t told her about my long journey off the meds. She saw me at my worse. To be fair, she doesn’t know about the new me.

But the fact that I my busyness was misconstrued for the blues as why I had no decorations was revealing to how people view you once you have been labeled as mentally ill.

Henry Emmons, MD

Here is an interesting article about a doctor who uses holistic approach to help people diagnosed with mental illness. His name is Henry Emmons, M.D. and his website is Partners in Resilience

Capturing Calm

A Minnesota psychiatrist and author is trying to shake up how people think about mental illness.

By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune

In psychiatry, “we focus almost entirely on what’s wrong,” said Emmons. “I began thinking about joy.” And about how he might help patients in the midst of life’s setbacks get it back.

“Henry takes the perspective that depression is a holistic disease,” said Lori Knutson, executive director of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing in Minneapolis, where Emmons works two days a week. “It’s not about mental illness. It’s about mental health.” Read the rest of this entry »

Well, I continue to do well. The other night I went to an art show. All the work was by disabled artists.  I ended up talking to one person in paricular. Well, I reveiled some of myself to her. She think meds help people. I told her that meds had ruined my life…well, almost ruined until I weaned off of them. She said she know several people that have been helped by meds. And several people who got worse when my doctor took them off the meds.  I wanted to say that probably the people who went of didn’t wean off correctly, but I didn’t.

Good morning, or afternoon,

I haven’t decided if I will listen to the Mindfreedom radio today because I might be out at a fun event at that time.  But I am with them at heart.

Yesterday I got a mean comment.  Hmmmm, I wonder why people get so mean.  Makes my understand better why Giana at Beyond Meds turned her comments off.  I do think the comment section of a blog is what makes blogging fun.

I just visited Beyond Meds and enjoyed a video that Oz J. made for Giana.  Here is an excerpt and a response from that to the mean commenter of last post:

I am undiagnosing myself from mental illness.

[After lines later he says]

Mentalism is todays racism.
I grow sick of hearing others call people schizo as a joke. It’s not funny now and it never was.
I grow sick of people assuming that mentally ill are more violent. This is not true now and never was.

You may see the whole video on Gianna’s site here.

2:46 p.m Well, I did listen to the Mindfreedom Radio.  On the one hand it is exciting. On the other, the struggle is something I just want to put behind me.  I am so focused on one other “normal’ things that I just don’t want to revisit that part of my life right now.  I have achieved a lot, but I am still not financially independent. I don’t want a potential employer Googling me and finding out about this aspect of my life.
Hmmm, I guess I didn’t say I would give myself five years of being stable and off-meds. How many has it been?  I think it has been 3 1/2.  Others see me as a success, even a role role model in this community.  Not for what I do for mental health, but for what I do for other causes.

Good morning.

I have taken a break from posting and reading the psychiatric survivor blogs.  I am doing really, really well.

Sometimes I think about writing a book, a novel, about my experiences.  Sometimes I think about running as far as I can and never telling anyone about my past.

I am not sure if I will listen to this show or attend a winter sporting event.

I received an email from Mindfreedom about their radio programs this Saturday, Feb.

Here is some information from the email:
Your calls are welcome *this* Sat., 13 February 2010

Lauren Tenney and Jim Gottstein are guests on next
MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Web Radio show!

Listen and call in live, with host David W. Oaks.

Guests are both psychiatric survivor activists:

JIM GOTTSTEIN of Alaska is an attorney and president of PsychRights, a
public interest law firm that has made waves to change the mental
health system throughout the USA.

LAUREN TENNEY of New York fights for silenced psychiatric survivors
she calls the “De-Voiced.” Lauren works with groups such as We The
People and Opal Project. Lauren is also building bridges between the
academic and activist worlds.



MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Web Radio

WHEN: *THIS* Saturday, 13 February 2009 – 90 minutes.

USA: 11 am PT, 12 noon MT, 1 pm CT, 2 pm ET
London: 19:00 * Berlin: 20:00 * New Zealand: 8 am

AT THAT TIME CLICK HERE to listen free and call in LIVE:

Your live calls, questions, comments, are welcome!

Call-in Number: (646) 595-2125.

Can’t get to a computer that day? No problem!

You can now use that call-in number just to listen, like a
teleconference. Because of the high number of calls, more lines were
added, though we may hit capacity. This feature may change in future.

Hi, I haven’t been keeping up the blog partly because things are going so well for me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and/or are taking psychiatric medication and stumbled across this blog take heart, you can recover. Your life can be fun, productive, calm…whatever consider as good. You can also wean off psychiatric drugs.

I started this blog to share my experience with others. I am at a good place in my life. I still am not ready to go public and I have other projects where I need to spend time. So I will not be posting as regularly.

So I have been watching the reports on Michael Jackson and his use of propofol. How sad that he thought he needed drugs to be normal. He used proponal (a drug that is used for surgery) to sleep.

Too bad a doctor did insist he try some natural atletrantives. Like going swimming and relaxation techniques.

The media also interviewed his cook who was gushing about how he was into organic, healthy food. Too bad he didn’t follow the whole philosphy of treating your body naturally. There seems to be a disconnect in eating organic and using anesthetic propofol to fall a sleep. Read more here.

Interview with the chef here.

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