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I’ve weaned of a multitude of psych drugs.

Well now I’m on two drugs for high blood pressure. I didnt’ want to take the drugs, but I feared that I would have a stroke or heart attack if I didn’t do something.

I have a high stress job, but I had high blood pressure even before I started my high stress job. I flirted with quitting my job, but I do enjoy the role I play and my boss is very happy with me.

The medications I take are: Atenolol 25 mg once a day and enalapril I had been taking 20 mg a day, but now my doctor wants me to up it to 40 mg.

Well, I have been so tired lately. I thought it might be stress of my job. I used to be tired before I started the medication. I also am a little chunky in weight and I eat totally vegan.

I was vegetarin for 4 years and after I started eating no animal products I felt so much better.  But that seems to have worn off now.

I go to bed at a decent time and wake up naturally. Today I began to wonder if i was tired because of the medications I am taking for high blood pressure. Wouldn’t that be ironic! I weaned off all those psych drugs because them were making me tired and fat and now I’m back on drugs that do the same thing.

I live in a new town and this doctor doesn’t really know much about my psych history. I started seeing him before the days of electronic records.


Hi Blog friends,

Last night I had to get another blanket. The winter chill is here.

I see my last post was Sept. 16 and it was about my blood pressure. I have a hard time eating as much fruits as I should and doing my breathing exercises and going to yoga. I wanted to get my blood pressure down without medication, but I don’t it seems I do not have the self-discipline to do it. I was able to wean off all psych drugs. I guess there is a reason why they call high blood pressure the silent killer. There are no symptoms. When I decided to wean of psych drugs I was highly motivated because I didn’ tlike the side effects of the drugs or the symptoms of the diagnosis. But I have no negative symptoms with high blood pressure.

I have a med check and a physical tomorrow. I am currently taking enalapril.

It is frustrating. Because of my experience with medication I don’t want to take any, but I know I need to get this under control


I tried something new today, reflexology. It is a way of working with the body through the foot.

 A chart of the feet from Wikipedia

A chart of the feet from Wikipedia

I am not sure if it will help or not, but it is worth a try.

On Sunday my blood pressure was the lowest it has ever been. I visualized that I was in the most relaxing part of my yoga class. That seemed to reduced my blood pressure. Later the nurse took it again, while I talked about things that bugged me and it jumped 20 points on the upper number.

I was disgusted with myself for not going ot yoga anymore, but I was able to call up what I learned.

Well, I told readers that I would give yoga a more serious try. This week I have gone on both Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I took an easy lunchtime session and today in the late afternoon I took Kundalini Yoga. Wikipedia says: Kundalini yoga is a physical and meditative discipline, comprising a set of techniques that use the mind, senses and body to create a communication between “mind” and “body”. Read more here.

Nothing was really hard about this. There were a few times that my arms got tired and I did stop. Both times included the teacher or leader hitting a gong. It was a loud and pleasant sound. It was impossible to think about almost anything, but it was a pleasant. During the lunch time yoga the teacher came over while I was lying on the mat, and rubbed my head and neck… it felt great. Today we also had partners to pat our back….it was an anger release type thing.

The whole reason I am doing this is to bring my blood pressure down.


Pyrs wonders if this is something women have more patience for than men…I don’t know, but both Monday and today it was all women. There were some men at a previous Saturday session.

I still have to keep my mind open to this…I don’t know how some of it is different from just lying on my bed at home. But it is relaxing.

I have high blood pressure. I try to reduce my salt intake, but how much salt should an adult have:  Here is an article from WebMD

Watch Out for Salt

he national blood pressure guidelines recommend limiting sodium to no more than 2,400 milligrams a day (about 1 teaspoon of table salt). By staying on a sodium-restricted diet, your systolic blood pressure (top number) may drop 2 to 8 points

Tip: Substitute herbs for salt when cooking and avoid processed meats and canned foods.

The  DASH diet is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or the DASH diet is a diet promoted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (part of the NIH, an organisation part of the government of the USA) to control hypertension. Learn more here.


I look at the DASH diet and I find that it is really hard for me to eat as much fruits as vegetables as I need.  I go for comfort and not as much chewing…well I don’t know if that is really true…but I can grab a banana, or eat some yogurt much easier than a crunching apple or taking the time to peel an orange or prepare a salad.

Last night I went to an event and ate some carrot cake…because it was easy to eat.

Going out to eat makes it about impossible to have low salt. With hubby and I being separated, we do like to meet at restaurants, event he organic restaurants seem to have too much salt in there dishes.

This Christmas someone gave me some soup mix. I was so hungry yesterday noon that I was going to make some soup…but  look at this, it has 1190 mg of sodium!!!! half of an adults daily intake.   The name of it is Country Gardens Cuisine: Three Cheese Potato Soup from Comfort Foods, Inc.

So, I mixed just a tad of it with a rice pilaf I had boiled the day before and then I added some organic free-range chicken broth, low sodium, from Pacific Natural Foods.

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