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Recently “Mrs. Food Police” wasn’t home for a few days and the Mister in the family thought he would have a heyday eating whatever he wanted. Now, I am just joking when I say “Mrs. Food Police,” he can eat what ever he wants. What I do is try to keep lots of brain healthy, low or moderate calorie food available and ready to eat, so he doesn’t want to go hog wild.

Anyway, the mister went out to the grocery store and went hog wild purchasing high calorie items. Then he came home, cooked it and ate lots and lots of it, instead of only one or two servings. When we went to our Weight Watchers meeting earlier this week I had lost one pound, but he had gained two pounds. Now he could throw his hands up and just say, “That’s it, I quit!” or he can learn from what happened.

In one of the support groups that I am a member of a person who was weaning off psych-drugs could not deal with the painful withdrawal effects and decided to go back on one of the meds. What both that person and my hubby have in common is that what they just did, “failed”, doesn’t mean they are doomed. It means they should look at what they did and what worked and what didn’t. What circumstances happened that caused my husband to crave certain food so bad that he rushed out and purchased them and ate them as fast as he could? What happened to my friend that his withdrawal was too painful to continue?

All hope is not lost, they just need to have a plan and get back with it. My theory with my friend is that he tried to withdrawal too quickly. A person needs to take notes so that they know where they stand (how many milligrams or ounces were they taking and one which days) so that they can evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

Hubby needs to let me know what foods he really wants and then we can work them into our meals or find alternatives that will satisfy him, and he need to learn to measure his servings with a little scale or a measuring cup.

Colin Dunbar in his blog, “The Magic of Goal Setting said, “Absurd or not, progress is not possible without failure. It is part of being an evolving and growing human being.

One book that also talks about why failure is important for success is John Maxwell’s “Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success”





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