mmmmmmmmn goooooood!!!

mmmmmmmmn goooooood!!!

Thursday morning: Hi blog friends. I have been very busy and found this post in my draft list.  I first wrote this back in August. Wow…Lot’s have changed since then.  I live up north and the Dairy Queen opened last week, after being closed all winter. I got a small vanilla cone.  But this is a post about my favorite ice cream treat. 

(I lost weight at our last Weight Watcher’s meeting.) (I am busy trying to be gainingfully employed, figuring out our 2008 taxes with Turbo Tax and trying to figure out the Ticket to Work and AATakecharge.) So enjoy this post.



August 2008

A couple days ago I told you what I had for dinner and said we had a treat of Julie’s Organic Ice Cream….I couldn’t find the website for it because I thought it said, “Jules,” but it was “Julie’s” ….I don’t know why it didn’t show up in the web search…anyway….that is really good stuff.

Here’s the website

Oh, my goodness! I just figured out the point in this. You use a slide-rule type card that you get from Weight Watchers and take the calories….270 and line it up with the dietary fiber…..NONE in this case. You you then pull up the card in the window and line it up….yikes it 7 points!!!! practically a meal.  If you have this slide-rule type thing it is easy to figure out the points…