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Hi, I haven’t been keeping up the blog partly because things are going so well for me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and/or are taking psychiatric medication and stumbled across this blog take heart, you can recover. Your life can be fun, productive, calm…whatever consider as good. You can also wean off psychiatric drugs.

I started this blog to share my experience with others. I am at a good place in my life. I still am not ready to go public and I have other projects where I need to spend time. So I will not be posting as regularly.


It’s Sunday morning. I am debating what to do with my blog. I have gotten very busy and there is a lot to blog about, but I am also feeling very much normal.  I think that I am cured of my “mental illness.” Haha…my life-long, debilitating, persistent and severe mental illness.

I am not off of disability because I am still scared. Scared I might have an episode. But I am getting closer and closer.

I feel so normal.

The people I started blogging with, have stopped blogging. It’s not like the “ole days.”  I really felt I had a community of support.

I am very environmentally minded and I am wondering if I should just have a blog on the environment under a different name. I am not ready to reveal my journey to hell and back with psych drugs to the general public. But maybe some day I could.

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